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These days chefs are often thrust in to full view of their public with open plan restaurants allowing customers to see their food being prepared right in front of them. Chefs need to look the part and Premier has all the right ingredients with an extensive range of chef’s jackets, trousers, scarves, caps and aprons. Look out for special female fitted styles and chefs jackets that provide useful pen pockets and feature buttons. Designed to withstand the demands of the kitchen, all pieces in the Premier chefswear range can be laundered to 85c, ensuring that chef looks like the dish-of-the-day, every day!

21 products found in Chefswear

Studded Front Short Sleeve Chef's jacket
  • €28,50
Denim Chef's Jacket
  • €35,50
Studded Front Long Sleeve Chef's Jacket
  • €30,50
Cuisine Long Sleeve Chef's jacket
  • €29,00
Long Sleeve Chef’s Jacket
  • €32,00
Culinary Pull-on Chef's Short Sleeve Tunic
  • €29,00
Culinary Pull-on Chef's Long Sleeve Tunic
  • €30,50
Short Sleeved Chef’s Jacket
  • €29,00
Coolmax Long Sleeve Chef's Jacket
  • €46,50
Women's Short Sleeve Chef's Jacket
  • €29,00
Women's Long Sleeve Chef's jacket
  • €31,00
Essential Chef's Trouser
  • €28,50
Pull-on Chef’s Trouser
  • €32,00
Chef's Select Slim Leg Trouser
  • €32,00
Chef's Coolchecker T-Shirt
  • €10,00
Chef's Jacket Studs
  • €4,00
Stripe Apron
  • €16,50
Chef's Zandana
  • €9,50
Chef's Skull Cap
  • €9,00
Turn-up Chef's Hat
  • €9,00
Chef's Scarf
  • €8,00